How to use the comparison?

Use the search field to search for Manufacturer or Test name of a specific product.
Alternatively, you can sort (click the arrows next to the column name) all products by sensitivity to compare the top products.
Look for highest values in total sensitivity. Roughly, this corresponds to the most precise tests.

What does sensitivity, viral load and Cq mean?

The sensitivity ranges from 0 - 100%. Higher values are better.
The viral load corresponds to the amount of virus in a sample. The unit of measurement is Cq. Lower values of Cq mean higher amounts of virus!
Put simply, Cq lower than 25 is a very high load, 25-30 a high load and greater than 30 a low load.

A sensitivity of 60% for Cq 25-30 means that for a high virus load the test will correctly identify 60% of all positive samples as positive.

What is the scientific background?

To learn about the scientific background of the data, read the original publication .
It explains how the testing is conducted and offers more detailed interpretations of the results.