Why this site?

Testing is important for Corona Virus mitigation and Test-Kits are widely available. However, there are stark differences in their quality: Some tests are really bad at detecting the Virus. This is partly because market approval is currently lax in order to meet the enormous demand. Consequently, customers need to make sure that they buy quality products. To do so, they need to be informed. That's why I've created this website.

The data used is official and stems from the German "Paul Ehrlich Institut" (German Federal Institute for Vaccines and Biomedicines). They scientifically examine the sensitivity of Corona Antigen Tests and publish the results. Unfortunately, the data is hard to find and only available in pdf format. This makes it troublesome to stay informed as a customer and make the right decision.

This website tries to solve this:
It takes the same trustworthy data and makes it available in a convenient way.
Hence, simplyfing finding the right product, making the right decision, and keeping you and the people around you more safe.

The original data is taken from here . The code and data for this website is open source and available on GitHub.
This website is non-commercial. It doesn't use any cookies or tracking.

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